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Quiet Vacation Spot

Oct 14. Sketches

When I was brainstorming the word Quiet, I kept going to nature and relaxing in nature. The first 3 sketches I didn't go for because they seemed too minimal or lonely. I wanted the illustration to have personality and still be fun, so I went with a woman sunbathing off a dock. I surrounded her with a lot of pattern and symmetry (except for the angle of the dock) so that it would reinforce a protective, quiet, and peaceful feeling.




Colour Palette

I used the Color Guide and Blend Tool to choose my colours. I was going to use the green for lily pads but I ran out of time.


Final Piece

I learned a lot of new techniques in illustrator - the variable width tool, colour guide, patterns and using textures. I struggled a bit with the water part, wasn't sure how to approach it, so I left it for now.

I'd love to hear your constructive feedback!



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