Quiet Still

Quiet Still - student project

Update 4/1--The sharpening tutorial really helped bring back some of the intensity I'd lost in this process. Quite happy those videos were added :)

Quiet Still - image 1 - student project


Well, this is going to be my final version here. I finished up by softening the boots a bit and adding some more shadowing to the legs. I fell like it would work and tweek forever, but I need to call it quits before I screw it up. I'm happy with the progress, and so thankful for all the help along the way. I have to say, the whole thing turned out a bit different than I had imagined...darker...although I think that amplifies the quiet, so I'm ok with that.

Quiet Still - image 2 - student project


Now with some texture. 

I've really been having a good time with this part. I definitely have produced something vastly different than my norm. Nice to be pushed out of the comfort zone a bit. 

Any additional feedback would be great...not sure it's really "done" yet...

Quiet Still - image 3 - student project


Wow, thanks everyone for all your great feedback--this is looking so much better...now on to texture!

Quiet Still - image 4 - student project


Last update before weekend...

Quiet Still - image 5 - student project


Would love some suggestions if anyone has any!

I'm hoping to add a texture to the upper half of the "sky" to simulate the rain, but I'll be waiting until our class on texture first.

Quiet Still - image 6 - student project


I chose quiet, and started with my word list. I found I was really investigating two things: Quiet as in nature, and Quiet as a human quality. I wanted to be able to show both.

After running through some other sketches of animals at night and dandelions blowing in the breeze, I ended up with some rainboots, standing still in a puddle, rain quietly dropping at their feet.

Quiet Still - image 7 - student project

Quiet Still - image 8 - student project

I decided to upload my Pinterest mood board as well. The board really focuses on color, pattern, and texture ideas.

Quiet Still - image 9 - student project

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