Quiet: Solitude in Nature

Quiet: Solitude in Nature  - student project

My word brainstorming list for quiet:

  • classical music
  • nature - birds chirping
  • soothing
  • taking a bath
  • stillness
  • the sound of your footsteps (or own breath)
  • crunching of leaves
  • feeling small in a big, big world
  • sun and blue skies
  • concentration, focus
  • no interruptions or distractions (thinking of tech here)
  • relaxation
  • yoga 
  • declutter
  • clouds passing by
  • solitude, being by yourself
  • personal enjoyment
  • lost in thought

I narrowed down my concept sketches to nature scenes because that's when I can truly disconnect from my daily distractions and connect with Mother Nature, uninterrupted.

This sketch shows a girl standing/sitting still and looking out toward the rolling hills on a quiet, sleepy farm.  

Quiet: Solitude in Nature  - image 1 - student project

This sketch is of someone standing in a forest, surrounded by old majestic 100+year old trees and new ones. The sun peeks through the canopy of the trees, creating random pockets of sunlight streaks. 

Quiet: Solitude in Nature  - image 2 - student project

Karen Lee

Associate Director, Digital and Social