Quiet Sketching

Quiet Sketching - student project

I started out doing a list of things that reminded me of quiet and loud; places, things, events, and more.

Living in New York City, I prefer the idea of illustrating quiet vs. loud -- this project is more like a retreat from the city rather than an illustration echoic of it.

It evolved into illustrating places and animals -- I enjoy the idea of "playing cat and mouse," as well as having it set in a library. I also really enjoy the idea of having something set in outerspace, or something that's reminiscent of back home. (Back home is Wisconsin, so I like the idea of cows and a pasture and things that are stereotypical of Wisconsin. Beer and cheese!)

I feel like I could continue sketching, since I'm not 100% sold on an idea yet...

Quiet Sketching - image 1 - student project

(Sorry for the cell phone photo! Not the best quality, but it'll do :) )