Quiet Sip, Quiet Slip

Quiet Sip, Quiet Slip - student project


Originally I took this class because I wanted to become more comfortable with the design tools I use everyday. Basically, I wanted to be more awesome. But once I started delving into the project...and the sketching the class started to take on a different life. After listing a few key words and struggling for twenty minutes to draw a pillow the class became more about stretching myself as an artist and designer, a little less about being awesome.

Quiet, what was quiet? For the past two years I've lived in Los Angeles, gone to school year-round and barely stopped a minute to even take in a movie (unless it was research for a school project). I live within this crazed art/design school lifestyle, in this city that hardly allows for any semblance of quiet.

Life now is nothing like the cows and corn I grew up with in rural Iowa. Back home, the silence became the noise. If you felt stiffled a simple ten minute walk took you out of town and into open fields. In Los Angeles a ten minute walk may get you to the end of the block and across the street, if the lights change in your favor. So, I thought about what I do to find quiet in this busy, loud, sprawling metropolis.

I drink coffee, I research coffee shops and drinks, I snuggle into my blankets for an extra 10 minutes rest, I cook myself a meal I can make into left-overs for the week. I walk through the endless aisles of a grocery store (preferrably one with samples). I sit with homework, quietly letting my cup refill at the local diner. To find quiet I keep to myself, I find a quiet corner, I bask in the sun, I drink hot beverages. I snuggle in with my laptop lillian, some work and, on a good day, a book.

As a photographer by trade, I immediately knew how I would set up my shot, but working with iconic graphic shapes proved a little more difficult. However, I think I have a plan. Because so much of my quiet comes with a mug of coffee I want to create something around a mug of joe. But in doing my research I found that the infographics on classic coffee drinks are...ugly. I just may try to make my own.

But I have to figure out illustrator first.

Quiet Sip, Quiet Slip - image 1 - student project

the notes....

Quiet Sip, Quiet Slip - image 2 - student project

the sketches... the poor sketches

Quiet Sip, Quiet Slip - image 3 - student project

It's ugly, right?

Quiet Sip, Quiet Slip - image 4 - student project

this painting by René Magritte really captured the isolation and solicitude I like to find in my definition of quiet. This is the spirit I hope to capture in my project (even if that project is an infographic).

Quiet Sip, Quiet Slip - image 5 - student project

this could work as a starting point for my info graphic....but of course I'm not a painter (wah, wah)

Quiet Sip, Quiet Slip - image 6 - student project

and just because the feeling this evokes is so fabulous