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Quiet Seed

My goal for this project is to  find and enable tools for the kindle fire that Will encourage me to be more creative, finally install a  copy of illustrator and begin to use it, and create a picture for my daughter's nursery.
I  an avid gardener, and figured  i should stick with something i know, thus the dormant seed concept.
That is my word web created using a free app for my Kindle Fire HD called DroidPen.  Works pretty well so far, does require a file manager app to get it over to Google Drive and I upload it from there. Sure would be nice if I could share photos, etc directly with skillshare the same way you do with facebook... I wonder.....
Here is my first sketch - also using Droid Pen.  Not very promising, have I mentioned I am not an artist at all??? Taking this class to begin being creative....
I am noticing that I am setting myself up for a clor scheme nightmare - definitly need to not plan on so many color overlaps.... simplify. With so much going on in the picture, I will end up portraying a very loud dormant seed...


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