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Quiet People, Loud People.

Ideas & Sketches

The idea I had for this art (which is my first piece of art in my life, I'm awful at drawing) was to revolve around 2 sides of a planet.

The planet is clearly divided in 2. On the left hand, we have people who are very loud and busy. Some of the words I used to describe my loud side:

  • Not put together well
  • Uncohesive
  • Shouting
  • Megaphone
  • Speakers
  • Obnoxious
  • Unreasoned
  • Unkempt

On the other side of the planet is full of quiet people. The words I used to describe this side of the planet (or that I drew inspiration from) are:

  • Well put together
  • Reasonable
  • Whisper
  • Voice of reason
  • Organized
  • Repressed

Here is an image of my notes when I came up with this idea:

I took this idea and fleshed out some of the ideas and graphics into more graphics and detail. Remember that I am an awful doodler so there are very rough and I've no idea what I'm doing. Hopefully by the end of this course I'll have something that's really worth showing.

Here are the sketches I did for this idea:

There is an idea of trying to change what people are doing here. On the left, the loud people are being told to quite down (quite ironically by a megaphone, which is very loud).

On the right is a man whispering at all the quite people to "Speak up". As an easter egg, the man on the right is the same man that TIm Allen draws picking his nose in an episode of Home Improvement. The episode shows him drawing this man from scratch, and for some reason I always remembered it and would doodle it occasionally.

That's what I have for my idea and sketching stage.

Color Scheme

I originally was going to go with more of a green color scheme, but using Kuler I decided to change it to blue.

The color scheme is mainly monochromatic, though I did adjust it quite a bit to make it more customized.

Take a look here:

I followed the teachers guide to having good color schemes, but I soon realized that this color palette alone would not be enough (as I have planet earth in this image, and it will need some green.

I created another green color palette. I tried to create this one as an analogous palette, but I just wasn't really able to get the colors to work in Kuler the way I wanted them to, so I just created a whole new one that was based off of this one.

As you can see, it matches the blue one very well, but with green colors, so I can use this as well. That's enough with the color palette for now.


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