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Quiet Oddities

I picked the word quiet. Now I'm usually a very bright and cheery person, but I do enjoy the occasional oddity and apothecary jar! So, I made a word list like suggested and came up with the words- still, dead, silent. I pictured a lab with specimen jars etc. Here are the sketches I came up with. I usually use bright colors in my work and have a hard time working with a muted pallet! I'm hoping this project will challenge me in that way!

Concept, Color pallet, and illustrator!

HOLY CRAP! I'm learning so much! This is the best $20 I've ever spent! Where were these tips and tricks when I was in ART SCHOOL? Brad, you rule!

I haven't even completed the videos yet, I just keep testing out concepts as I watch the videos. This is great!

Just a few small changes here! I have a tendency to keep adding more elements to my projects and going overboard. I was trying the less is more approach here.

I loved this class and can't wait to implement the new techniques I've learned from this class!

Critiques welcome!


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