Quiet Mountains | Skillshare Projects

David Frazier

Visual Artist



Quiet Mountains

I started out thinking I would create a mountain scene with a little cabin and some smoke and things like that because that's what I think of when I think of "quiet", and then I started looking around at the class projects and discovered...I was not alone in my idea!  

So I went a slightly different direction.

I love the open sky at night in remote locations.  My concept for this piece is to illustrate a mountain scene with the silent night sky taking center stage. 

Some of my goals for this project are to focus on textures and patterns.  I want to grow in this area.

Rough Original Sketch:


I finished my project.  After trying to shade and texture in illustrator, I decided to finish things in photoshop.  I created a texture out of a photo of cement like Brad taught and I like the way it came out.  

I learned a lot from this and look forward to including these techniques in my work moving forward.


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