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Quiet - Moon Glow

Removed the earth and added more stars. I think I need to define the eyes. They look funky. 


Here is my third draft. I added some more pattern and made the face more dynamic. I think it looks more 3D. I want to add changes to the earth and add a person. 


Here is my second draft. I changed the color palette to more of a monochormatic with blues, grays. I also added some texture and a glow to the moon. I need to add me person and maybe make my shapes look more dynamic somehow. 


Here is my first draft. I used hte technique to change the width of the lines on the eyes. I also want to make a moon glow. And to add some texture and depth to the moon. I have to make my earth look like earth and add the person praying. 


I chose the word "Quiet" for my project. I want to do a moon glow. My sketch scanned in is missing the bottom. There is a large peaceful moon looking down on a person on earth who is praying to the moon. Here are my words and rough sketch. 


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