Quiet Mind in a Big Space

Quiet Mind in a Big Space - student project

Changing background green trees to darker color. Adding a star glow. ;)

Quiet Mind in a Big Space - image 1 - student project

My illustration took a turn during the process. The figure in the illustration became larger, and I decided she should be catching a falling star in the silence of the woods. This is always the way with these things ... it seems more appropriate ... "it was so quiet that I heard a falling star, and caught it". I added a little texture to her sweater. Cheers!

Quiet Mind in a Big Space - image 2 - student project

In a illustration situation like this, I always like to search out quotes or passages to get my brain working in the same direction.

- Best cure for the body is a quiet mind

- thinking of irony --  how LOUD do you have to say BE QUIET?

- Only the quiet mind can truly hear.

- It's quiet now, so quiet that I can hear people's dreams. Gayle Forman

- The quiet mind is richer than a crown

- Quiet paths lead to understanding.

Places: library, sleeping and dreams, forest, underwater, sleeping babies.

But my mind keeps coming back to times I have been in the woods, and how deliciously quiet it was. Only occasional nature sounds to stir the imagination. How big the trees, how expansive the stars and how small I felt. I think that is what I am going with. I want the person to be very small, either listening or sleeping?

Color pallette maybe: NIGHT, blues, greens and yellow moon glow.

Very busy weekend. Only had time for background thoughts, no human yet ;) ;would like to explore more overlaying texture.

Quiet Mind in a Big Space - image 3 - student project

Kimberly Carney

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