Quiet House Light

Quiet House Light - student project

This is my final submission to represent 'quiet'. Brad's tutorials were super helpful and I wound up making some of my own patterns to represent the shading, as well as deconstruction a texture vector brush to add a bit of noise.

What finally unified the pallette was the trick Brad showed of placing a colored shape over the drawing and using the 'color' blending mode. Amazing! I've been working in Illustrator for 5 years but learned so many new tricks just from taking this class and seeing the way an expert works.

I really would like to do much more but am very excited to apply what I learned here to all my other projects going forward!

Quiet House Light - image 1 - student project


When I think of quiet, I think of peaceful, and my most quiet, peaceful state is when I'm at home during the day. Something about the way the light comes in, and the shadows on wood floors- that's what I really want to capture when I try to illustrate "Quiet".

I started abstract, with just the basic compositional elements and shapes.

Quiet House Light - image 2 - student project

Quiet House Light - image 3 - student project

But then I decided to be literal and fully draw the image I have in mind.

Quiet House Light - image 4 - student project

I may wind up abstracting elements of this, because I have a tendency to get loaded down in details. So I like the idea of mostly just showing the shadow and light on the floor and "implying" a window or a door.

Quiet House Light - image 5 - student project

This is where I am today. I wanted to show a small amount of detail in one portion of the picture and then large amounts of overlapping light and shadow.

I had some trouble with the color palette in application. I'm sort of frustrated with the overall look of it because I think it could be simpler, as well as have a better contrasting palette.

I also am not sure that the amount of detail/linework on the window is flowing with the larger moves of light and shadow on the wall.