Quiet Foxes and sanctuary | Skillshare Projects

Elizabeth Burger

Surface Designer, Illustrator and Fine Artist



Quiet Foxes and sanctuary

The other concept that i finally chose.Color concept

I chose the word quiet because its harder for me to design for. I enjoy challenges but even more so to push myself beyond what i am comfortable with.

When presented with the word Quiet I couldn't help but think of a fox sleeping or hunting in stealth. One of the images is of meadow with a sleeping fox and vastness.

My goals in either concepts is to combine pattern design in the illustration (im a textile designer). So the meadow will be a simple pattern to convey its a field of grass or flowers. Texture and color choices will help in this of course.Now its simply choosing which concept helps convey the word quiet the most. As you can see i have a variations of the fox and the truly second concept i thought of is the last image.Where a girl encased in bubble sanctuary surrounded by loud patterns is the second concept i chose from my sketches. Sanctuary, serene are the words that also popped into my head for quiet.  


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