Quiet Day

Quiet Day - student project

Week 2:

I had a busy work day and difficulties installing and trying to navigate Illustrator so I followed the basic principals and used Photoshop.  I only illustrated a portion of my sketch and it was difficult.  I can see how color plays an important part in the final product. Here is the final illustration:

Quiet Day - image 1 - student project

Week 1:

I started out with words.  Having just adopted a new puppy, it seemed that "loud" would be too easy, so I wanted to represent "quiet."  Everything in my life seems loud right now.

I think I crave some quiet.  Quiet naturally led to Shhh! and library (because I'm a librarian) even though the library is anything but quiet these days.  Then it led to alone and solitude, perhaps because that's where I want to be right now.  It made me feel peaceful and happy thinking about being alone for a bit, which led to some of my favorite items: a book (although I pretty much read on my iPad), a cup of coffee or tea, a nice view of a remote house with a smoking chimney and trees, and a very fat cat.

Although my sketching leaves a lot to be desired, I'm glad I did this exercise instead of continuing to worry about it.  It gave me some peace.  It made me remember cozying up in my chair, next to my window and reading for leisure.  I'll get badk to that soon someday!

Here is the idea page I started with:

Quiet Day - image 2 - student project

Here is the "final" sketch:

Quiet Day - image 3 - student project