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Quiet - Counting Stars From A Canoe


I may return to this to add a bit more texture but other than that I think I'm gunna call this one good! Also, I'd still love feedback if anyone has anything to suggest. I had a great time in this class and I learned a ton! Thanks for the material Brad!


My favorite quiet moments are when I can take a break from a hectic day and just be open to the world around me. These moments seem to happen most often when I'm outside enjoying nature. Often times it's just simple things like going for a walk or sitting in the park. BUT, some of my best memories are from when I was camping.

So while I was doing the word list I kept returning to a memory I have of canoing at night. The lake was like glass and reflected things perfectly. It felt like we were traveling in a sea of stars. We must have been out there for almost an hour without saying a word. Everyone was too busy enjoying the quiet, reflective moment.


I still have quite a bit more to add... 

-all the reflections in the lake

-glows and gradients

-Maybe a cabin or two on the bank?

I'm liking my colors so far though. I'm sure I'll continue tweaking as I go.

++Color Scheme & Sketch++

++Word List++

++Rough Sketching++

(Above) - Exploring the layout. I like the idea of a fish-eye view, as if you were looking up from a canoe. The trees and lake wrap around the sky.

I want to add the constellations that were actually overhead that night we went out on the lake. 


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