Quiet: Bringing Life to the Serene | Skillshare Projects

Dan Butchko

CEO & Lead Designer, Butch Creative



Quiet: Bringing Life to the Serene

I chose "Quiet" as the word I want to do for this exercise. I chose it because I almost always choose to design things that are loud and bold and in your face. "Quiet" is a challenge for me. As soon as I chose it, the image of a cat pawing at its reflection in water came to mind. I'm taking that idea and making it a bit more abstract. I think I'm going to go with the sketch I have on the top right of my sketch page. I want to take that quiet moment of an animal seeing its reflection and make it a bit whimsical and spiritual - a human and a cat pawing at their reflections in a pool that is actually the outline of a giant man's (God's?) head. And the giant man is pawing at his own celestial reflection in space. I may decide to remove the rainbow effect in the sketch but we shall see!

I wanted a celestial look to this piece but not one that was strictly the black and white of space, so I chose colors through Adobe Kuler that are similar to that of a sunrise/sunset - which I also identified as part of my brainstorm in what I wanted to convey through the word "QUIET." I love working in colors that are vibrant and bold. The colors I chose here allow me to express that while also allowing for more natural blending that is not too harsh looking. I may play a bit with some tints in the colors, but this is a great general framework to start with.


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