Quiet Anticipation (pattern update)

Quiet Anticipation (pattern update) - student project

Here I have added some patterns and made some changes to color, etc.  I think there is more contrast now, but I still haven't added any light to this or texture to the cat...still trying to figure stuff out.

I am really looking forward to that beginning Illustrator class in May!Quiet Anticipation (pattern update) - image 1 - student projectQuiet Anticipation (pattern update) - image 2 - student projectI'm coming into this class very late but hope to catch up!  

My concept is from a photograph I took of my cat waiting quietly on a chair.  This cat has a very funny expression.   I sketched it roughly but hope I can capture it better in the final project.  My problem is how to make a composition from this concept...my weakest area.  So here goes.  Quiet Anticipation (pattern update) - image 3 - student project