Quickie wheel

Quickie wheel - student project


For this wheel I used


PB29: Ultramarine

PV19: Permanent Carmin (which is interesting that it is a violet (PV) but it actually looks like warm red

?: Permanent Yellow Light



PB35: Cerulean Blue

PY3: Lemon Yellow

PR211: Quinachridone Magenta


Quickie wheel - image 1 - student project


I loved testing colors!, I just didn't like my watercolor paper. I think I have got used to better quality ones and my Canson XL doesn't act nice with wet on wet or blend techniques.  Anyway, this limited palette is a very bright one! Even my unsaturated green manages to keep a higher value than typical unsaturated greens.  It's really nice to see how pigments react with each other.


Thank you Chris!

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