Simple photo-sharing app as taught by Mattan Griffel w/ the following additions:

- Restyle hero-unit/logo and header (02/27)

- Commenting system for pins (02/24)

    Shows number of pin comments for each image. Click the link to view the comments. You 
    must be logged in to make comments.

- Ability to 'Like' pins (02/24) - Ajaxified  (02/26)

    Shows number of likes for each image. For logged in users, click the star below the image 
    to like it.  From the top navigation, you can see all of your likes on one page.

- Using bootstrap-modal for displaying images

- bootstrap modal login form

- Amazon S3 storage for images

- Option to upload images via URL

- Endless scrolling

- User avatars using Gravatar

Github: https://github.com/crstone/omrails

Heroku: http://mysterious-scrubland-4467.herokuapp.com/


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