Quick improv comic

A little lazy here and 'scanned' via potatoe phone. 

Played the game of ignoring the pee-need. Heightened 1-2-3. 

The ending... tried all the techniques, and settled with something like a character moment.

Definitely useful to have the different ending options to try out!

Thanks for the great class! 


(I posted a few of my comics awhile back: http://jrdavids.blogspot.com I've drawn alot of these diary comics over 10 years, haven't really done anything with them. Sorta fun to try this less personal, humorous style)

Oh! And here is a little edited version 1.2, frame 4 shift, per Mr. McNamee's comment...

Alternate text for panel 4, now: "The intra webz should come with a snorkel." Or maybe he HAS the snorkle and there's no text. Whatever, who knows! The game goes ever on... 

Alright, one more version!

AND... here is a more evolved comic I ended up drawing, inspired by this course. It is a little longer form... so the heightening is a little more subtle over time? I got a little frustrated trying to color it, so basically gave up after messing with the first character thinking how freaking long it would take to color the whole thing (let alone doing more refined "inking" over my sketchbook "sketches"/ink work-- I just draw in ink and don't look back, ain't no time for pencils and edits!) So... I get why comics traditionally had 1)writers 2)artists 3)letterers 4)inkers 5)colorists, etc. I've basically got the patience for a quick sketch.

Also... I'm sure there are some spelling errors in there. I'm terrrrible at double letters. Siriously, I need a whole team of flakeys to clean this stuff up... :)


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