Quick Thoughts

Quick Thoughts - student project

This is a multiplayer game fouced on mental competitions. 

There are going to be 4 different competitions in the game. This is a game for 2 players, they have to face each other, and the I phone has to be in the middle of them. Each person has his/her own edge of the Iphone, with a space in the screen for them to tape a button. 

These are the competitions :  DOTS, WORDS, MATHS and MEMORY. 

The winner, will be the player who could solve faster the tasks and of course correctly.


DMany Dots will apear in the middle of the screen, they will have different colors and you will be asked to tap your side as soon as you see an specific Dot, with a specific color. For example: there will appear many blue, purple, green and red DOTS, and as soon as the black Dot appear, the playes have to tap their side. The fastes one will win. Every time you play you will be asked to search a different color, why? so your brain can't get use to a specific color.

                      Quick Thoughts - image 1 - student project

                                                   (The image is backwards, sorry for that)


In this competition, there will appear different words (of colors ex. blue, red, black) written in different colors. For example: it may appear the yellow word written in blue, and the app is going to ask you 2 things randomnly.

                     1 - Tap the color that the word is telling you

                     2 - tap the color in which the word is writing

If you think this is too easy, try to say the colors of the next words without any mistake, as fast as you can (not the word, the color) 

Quick Thoughts - image 2 - student project

If you did it, withouth a mistake, then try this: Read in loud voice, first, the words and then you have to say the color of the next word, as fast as you can ;).

Quick Thoughts - image 3 - student project

     (The image is backwards, sorry for that)


This task, is not about giving a result of an simple operation. You just have to complete the operation. For example:

                                     8  ?  7  ?  9 ? 4 = 2

each player will have 3 buttons, one is for "+", another one is fot "-", and the last one is the "delete" button (if you comitted a mistake ).

                   Quick Thoughts - image 4 - student project  

                                       (The image is backwards, sorry for that)

Depends on the difficulty, the "+" and "-" may change, for "x", "/ " or "=".


In this last competition, there will appear 4 symbols in a different order. The task is to remember all the sequences you can. Eacha sequence has 4 symbols to memorize.

             Lets say :

First secuence : (trianngle) (circle) (triangle) (square) 

 if you get it you will have to memorize 2 sequences 

1 : (circle) (trianngle) (oval) (trianngle)

2 : (trianngle) (oval) (oval) (circle) 


Each sequence will stay for 5 seconds. 

Quick Thoughts - image 5 - student project

So this is it! 

I was thinking in the possibility of doing a single player mode too. But it would only work with MATHS, COLORS, and MEMORY. Coult it be a good idea??