Quick Hello

Quick Hello - student project

Hello everyone!


I’m a graphic designer based in Colombia. I’m taking this class just to improve my skills as an illustrator. So far I’ve loved it, and here it is.



i chose one of my favourite comic characters of all time, so Hellboy it is.

Quick Hello - image 1 - student project

This one based obviously in Mike Mignola's original artwork.

Quick Hello - image 2 - student project


As I mentioned, I’m used to illustrate and reducing to basic shapes is one of my favourite methods to illustrate, whether I’m making characters or landscapes. So I chose one of the most awesome sea creatures, the octopus... so breaking it down was not easy... but I loved it.


Quick Hello - image 3 - student projectQuick Hello - image 4 - student project



I continue to love this class... I feel like I'm back in college, except by the fact that I didn't learn this at college jajaja, for everyone that is reading this, you really improve your work just by practicing. The main reason I love illustration is that you are good because you commit to it, there's no favouritism, just, you and a blank piece of paper.

Quick Hello - image 5 - student project

Quick Hello - image 6 - student project


We shall continue...