Quick, Fun & Funky Poinsettia

Quick, Fun & Funky Poinsettia - student project

This was my first stab at the Amarilys-Henderson-style poinsettia flowers. I really like this style and am looking forward to trying it again with a little more flair! 

Quick, Fun & Funky Poinsettia - image 1 - student project

Then I painted these as 4x6 Christmas cards. I kept them simple as before. Although I did use gold paint on some of the veins - super fancy! AND I traced them - I prefer to paint and not get caught up in sketching (and erasing and erasing). I have 3 kids and limited time!!! I love how the reds, orange and pinks flow throughout. I mounted them on dark green cardstock and I'm really pleased at how they turned out!

Quick, Fun & Funky Poinsettia - image 2 - student project

Leah Moss

It's just paper...