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Brand name: Queue
Jason Williams
Location: Toronto, Canada
Queue is about the process and putting thought into craft. Wanting to know where things come from and how they come to be.
The literal meaning is a line of people waiting, my interpretation is to be driven and remain on your path to reach your destination. One too many times I have fell off course losing focus towards my goal. Queue has become my reminder to stay on track, take no short cuts and put in the effort to move forward.
All of this leading to the appropriate slogan “Stay in queue”.

Icon development:

I wanted something to represent the meaning, so started looking at the North arrow on a compass. With more research the idea of an arrowhead developed and started simplifying the shapes I saw. These are just a few of many mock ups that were created, but lead to the final choice.

Wordmark and Logo:

Here are some different uses and scales of my logo plus with various materials.

Leather tags for throw pillows

Branding on wooden camo hangers for cilent

comb prototype

display at pop up shop

inside of origami coin wallets

business competition I took part in also placing first!

To view more work and contact check out here:


instagram @stayinqueue


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