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Hello everyone!

I thought this course was very inspirational. I used Autodesk Sketchbook for my project—with my fingers, because I couldn't find a stylus. I tried to give each drawing its own atmosphere.


My first drawing was mostly a way to get acquainted with the weirder brushes. I've used Sketchbook in the past, but I usually stick with the simple ones.


Here, I simply layered some colours, and erased some parts.


For this one, I used some duplication and a lot of layering. It looks a little too busy, but it was a fun experiment. Besides, there is always a way to re-use it:


This one might be my favourite. Besides the erasing, layer blending modes played a great role here.


And here's the last one, because I had to stop somewhere. I'm not happy with the colours, but it did give me some ideas for another project. In the end this technique is a great brainstorming tool, and I think I'll continue using it.


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