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Questionably Appropriate Public Art Mapping Project

I am interested in public art that honor events or people who impacted society in questionable ways. Memorials and monuments are a means for conveying the importance of significant events and people of history and often, there are multiple perspectives and opinions about the impact of said event or person. That being said, many of the pieces of art that we might assume is conveying a positive message, might actually be offensive to someone else.

 So, I would like to research these pieces and make a map that would show the information that I have gathered. I am also interested in asking different communities or people about their relationship with the artifacts rather than framing the conversation from my own perspective. It's possible that I may have to narrow my focus area to a specific genre or a specific community that has been impacted.  Anyway, I guess the first step is listing the pieces and starting to make fun maps...

(mapping my day is my first map experiment on the back of a paper bag)

Why am I making this map? For fun mostly...My work is focused on public art and I have wanted to find a way to investigate this topic before, but haven't been able to fund it or justify it in my workflow yet. This is a great opportunity to begin investigating the concept in a fun, lowpressure way. 

Why am I the expert to create this map? i am not! Just being interested qualifies me to try...and I have a solid foundation of knowledge in public art and a network of resources at my disposal. 

Who is my target audience? This is another question that I am not quite ready to answer. It could be educators in classrooms that would benefit from it or it could be the public art community of artists, administrators and enthusiasts...or it could be community members most closely related to the different pieces. 

What level of detail do I need to include? I definitely need to give addresses and names as well as discrete information about why it was selected and the piece itself shoudl be clearly identified. Maybe the map is accompanied by other resources or more detailed descriptions of each monument or mural? It feels like this would be a really cool digital map, but I don't have the skill set to accomplish that at this point and would need to work with someone else to do it. 

6.4.13 : Here's a terrible picture of the map I am currently creating. It's our garden! It's got 12 beds, some pots and some dirt piles...among other gems. I will take a better pic of my next iteration! 


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