Question on Scanning

Hi Evan, I loved this class. It is so practical and informative. And I love your bears!

I have a few questions. First, you colored the background white in Photoshop. Does it matter what white? If it's a different white from the paper you're using, won't that show up?


I'm posting my question here because I want to show you what happens when I scan my watercolor images. I can really see the grains in the paper (but I do prefer cold press), and the watercolor comes out either light or blotchy--really different from the original. When posting to Instagram I've chosen to just take a photo of my work. What's causing this effect and does this just mean more editing work in photoshop? Or is that why you use gouache?


Here's my scanned version. It looks so white and overexposed.

Question on Scanning - image 1 - student project


Here's the photographed version

Question on Scanning - image 2 - student project


I also prefer to see it on a warmer background such as this. Does that mean printing on more of an off-white paper or doing something different with scanning?


This is not necessarily a card--maybe it could be a card! haha!


Anyway, I really appreciate any feedback.

Thank you so much!