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Joshua Ganyon

Goat of the Year during Year of the Goat



Qu'est-ce que ça mange en hiver?

For this project, I started with a Quebecois idiom: qu'est-ce que ça mange en hiver? It literally means: "what does that eat in winter?" It can be used to refer to something you don't know much about or find peculiar. 

I started off more literal using squirrels, acorns and berries but I wasn't inspired by that route. I found that I prefered creating quirky characters I might have seen while riding the metro in Montreal in winter.

I chose to use red, blue and white since those colors are found often in Quebec due to sports teams, flags, etc. I started with some rough sketches I thought would just be preliminary, but they ended up being pretty true to what I wanted:



The result, after much piecing together and rotating heads creatively:


It makes a lovely and cheerful computer background for winter!


Thank you for an awesome class! I had a lot of fun and really like the results even though I veered a little off the proposed direction in the video.


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