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Quest For True Love

Cuteness, Innocence and eternal beauty. These words are not enough to praise a child. God is a child, Child is a god!

I want to share a child's innocent life.

Prashanti used to visit our house along with her grandmother, a milkmaid.

When we saw her for the first time she is so gleeful and so energetic. My Mother became her best friend; she loves to spend time with my mother. I felt a huge wonderment while observing their unconditional love bond!

We tried to get even closer to her and noticed that she was intimidated of something. She’s enthusiastic when she comes in and shows a strong refusal to go home. I watched her like a distant observer. I observed her honeysuckle, Joy, innocence and the eternal beauty of her unseen essence! One day, I came to know the reason of her fear.

Suddenly, she didn't come to visit us. Saw her grandmother, coming alone to deliver the milk, bearing a lonely gesture.

“She’s going to school!”

We got the same answer for two months.

“Where's my little friend?” My mother asked her seriously.

We then came to know that child was hospitalized because of a cruel incident happened and her mother was responsible for that.

Prashanti's mother used to hate her a lot as she didn’t want a girl child, but gave birth to the child as per her husband’s wish.

She began to implant the seeds of hatred and terrible fear instead of love in that little heart. She injured her badly so many times regardless of the warnings given her husband and in-law. We didn't know about her frozen heart.

Whenever she gets angry on anyone, she splashes all the anger on Prashanti.

Again she endeavored to injure her. Due to that reason, she lost blood cells. When we heard that we got so anger on her and decided to complaint against her but her mother requested us and she said her daughter is suffering from multiple personality disorder. When she got angry she used to expose anger on that little child.

Now I came to understood why she loves my mother and she never experienced a pure mother love in her life. On the New Year’s Eve, she suddenly came to visit us and hugged my mother in a deep emotion. Her eyes were twinkled while she has seen us after a long time.

I once imagined how painful it was for that child to face that situation which melted my heart down just by hearing it. We met Prashanti’s mother on that same day and tried to explain her fault.

“Why are you behaving like that with your Child?” My mom asked her to find the silly reason that most of the parents would often try to make up their side when asked.

“She makes too much fuss Ma’am!” Prashanti’s mother replied, slightly irritated.


That reply shocked us, Child will always be Children, We didn’t really notice anything abnormal about that child as her mother is being concerned too much.  

“Do you know where the God is?”


”He is in The kingdom of haven!”

“So, where is that place you think it was?” My mother asked her again.

“That Exotic World is in sky.” She replied without thinking back.

My mom and I understood her state of mind.

Then we replied her like this…


“The Kingdom of heaven is within, you know? The Child is a god so, if you hurt the child, it means you hurt the god! Raise the child as god but not as money maker or a

victim of your brutal actions.”


“It doesn’t matter how many times you pray, how many books you read and how many holy places you visit or religions you switch to. Unless you recognize the value of life, no philosophy can turn the closed mind around to open it. You can’t realize the divinity of the neighbor until you realize your own value.”


This is my first article but it is a requesting letter to every mother in this universe. Our natural state of being is love! Anger or victimization is not our natural state, be a giver, and be a lover! Love is not a word but it is an awesome pure emotion of every human/God.


                                                                               - Saija Dasari


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