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Eric Waldron

Queremos Salud: Entrenamiento Funcional



Queremos Salud: Entrenamiento Funcional (We Want Health:Functional Fitness)

I'm currently a college student living in Arequipa, Peru (from Philadelphia), and have had the idea of opening up a small gym here offering functional exercises. 

-1 to 10 and 10 to 100:

The way I plan on getting my first 10 clients is through gaining attention on my blog posts and YouTube videos via my Facebook page.  The reason I'm using Facebook to advertise and gain confidence with my viewers and fans is because here in South America they don't tend to purchase things online as we Americans do.  Therefore a lot of businesses don't even have webpages here, they rely heavily upon Facebook.  I will also use Twitter to direct market with people who follow the other gyms and fitness centers here and try to gain interest and confidence with them.  Of course, all of my main work will be coming from my blog site at www.QueremosSalud.com  (it's all in Spanish, haha).  And just like all businesses, especially fitness ones, I'll be relying a ton on word of mouth advertising and references (offering gifts and discounts to those that bring people in) from my existing clients.

-X to Y (business pitch):

I will have a small gym offering you exercise sessions of functional exercises so that you can live more functional in varios aspects of life!

This statement will, hopefully, lead them to asking me two possible questions: "What are functional exercises?"  And, "How will it make me live more functional?"  Once they ask me those questions I'll be able to demonstarte some functional exercises for them and allow them the chance to try them (without weights or resistance bands) just to see how it is.  This will hopefully make them realize that they can do them and that they are fun.  The second question will allow me to explain to them how functional exercising ties into a functional life and also share my testimony and experience with functional exercising benefiting my life.

Possible Problems and Solutions:

1.  This is a complete shakeup in the fitness market here in Peru.  I've yet to see anything near the type of training that I will be incorporating.  This can lead to a lot of people hesitant and scared to give it a shot.  Maybe, they'll lose confidence in themselves and fail to give themeselves the opportunity of trying it. 

Solution: Offer them a free week of service free.  Have a sample test outside in the streets with some of the equipment we will be using.  Use my blog and Facebook to really gain confidence and spread attention.

2.  Too expensive for some or many people to afford.

Solution:  Put my gym in an area where my target market will be able to afford the service I have to offer.  Rely upon the references and word of mouth advertising that my first line of clients will bring to the table.

3.  Lack of discipline or motive to continue onward.  I know that when it comes to fitness a lot of people get bored and/or don't see results that they've wanted.  Therefore, they quit and don't continue their subscription.

Solution: Make each and every session fun and modernized to fit the experience levels of that individual client.  And, of course, always bring a smile and be friendly with each and everyone.


-I plan on interviewing and sharing my new short business pitch with everyone I know and come in contact with.  This will allow me to receive the feedback that my business idea really needs. I will then come up with new solutions to those possible problems.

-Ask referals from my current client that I'm teaching in a nearby park.  So that when the time comes (September of 2015) I'll have enough clients to at least cover the lease payment.  The price to pay for each month's lease costs will be around the price of six clients.  Something that is very managable.

I'd really appreciate any feedback that you would have for me.  Thanks!


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