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Quintel Harcum

Owner/Creative Director



Quell Collections

Brand Owner/Designer: Quintel Harcum

Location: Baltimore, MD

Overall Design Aesthetic: Clean, Sleek, Strong, Minimal but not boring

Slogan: "Good for goodness sake"


Brand Instagram: /quellcollections

Brand Twitter: @quellcollection

Brand History: Quell was a nickname given to me by one of my best friend's little brother. Most of my friends called me 'Tel' for short and my friend's little brother was really young at the time and kind of just mushed my name together into one syllable and it stuck. In 2004, while riding the train to work I was inspired to design my own hoodie from a Y-3 ad in the September issue of GQ with Lindsay Lohan on the cover. 

From that day I wanted to start a line that just focused on hooded pieces because those were my favorite garments at the time and I decided to name the line Quell Collections because it just flows well. I sketched designs but didn't know how to go abouy the process of having them made. I started buying blanks from H&M and tweaking them as much as I could. I moved on to baseball jackets soon after using blanks from American Apparel. 

In 2005, I rested my passion for design for few years to start a different business with my friends and picked it back up in 2010 when my friend from NY told me I could take Non-credit courses at F.I.T. I was already familiar with the design programs used in the courses. I hopped on it and started taking what classes I could fit in between my full-time job and traveling to NY part-time. By 2010 I felt like everyone was starting a t-shirt brand and I didn't want to do that because it didn't give me enough control over the design of the garment, just the graphic. So I started small with wooden accessories, pins and bracelets. The slogan then was "from hightops to hardbottoms" with a pretty cool logo but it didn't connect and I felt I had to do too much explaining for it. 

I went back a studied my favorite brands and learned more about the process of manufacturing and decided to design what felt natural for me. I redesigned the logo and began to design pieces and graphics that followed suit of the new logo's clean and classy design. I began to design what I wanted to wear or see worn with fabrics and silhouettes that I'd want to wear. It's become more about just designing good clothes for myself now and people like me than the people I was trying to represent for in 2010. That attitude lead to the new slogan "Good for goodness sake", because I just want to have and wear good clothes for sake of it. I don't feel that the world really needs more clothes BUT I do feel like I just need more of the clothes I want, so I'm designing them. 

Customer Profile: The casual, progressive urbanite who's style has elevated from "traditional" streetwear to premium and luxury goods but isn't totally high-fashion. This customer cares about high quality, cut and silhouette, materials and exclusivity. 

Concept/Theme for Collection: "A Leader On His Day Off" - The concept of this collection is to show some of the  stylish, casual, athletically inspired pieces a leader would wear during his/her leisure time.  Some leaders are extroverts and some are introverts.  Some leaders gain popularity or leadership positions through being outwardly vocal and mixing with many different people and others just lead by example maintaining a sense of mystery and discernment. The end result for both types of leaders is strong on impact and influence on others around them. 

Merchandising the Collection

Fabrics - Premium cotton or cotton/poly blends, extra soft fleece, French terry cloth, satin

  • All of these fabrics offer great comfort. They look good on sight and feel good to touch, which adds to the upscale aesthetic of the brand

Colors - Black, Heather/Charcoal grey, off white (cream), gold accents

  • I feel these colors are easy to work with and set up the clean, sleek feel I want. They also help represent the contrast of the introvert/extrovert theme. No 2 colors are more contrasting than black and white (off white). Gold is a strong accent that matches black, white and grey.

Details - Aside from the graphic t-shirt, the other pieces in this collection have special cut silhouettes that focus on comfort. Slightly oversized, exaggerated and or fitted in particular areas for comfort and styling purposes. The gold italian made zippers are used on most pieces in the collection including one of the accessories. The satin fabric is used on a few pieces as well as the accessories. Small logo embroidery and patches will be strategically placed on each item for sleek, minimal branding.

The Collection: Enough talk check it out

Graphic Pieces

T-shirts: "Social" and "Socially Selective" The graphic comes straight concept of there being two different types of leaders. Available in 2 colorways. Black and Heather Charcoal. Also features brand logo/word mark embroidered at left sleeve. Price: $60

Graphic Sweatshirt: Same two graphics printed to a fleece raglan sweatshirt featuring a zipper at he raglan sleeve. The zipper adds a luxury detail but also makes the garment easier to pull on and off. Available in two colors: Dark Heather Charcoal (Black appeared too dull) and a medium Heather grey. Price: Estimated $135

Cut & Sew Pieces

Raglan T-Shirt: (Cut & Sew) Premium cotton/poly blend fabric. 3/4 lenght sleeve. Exaggerated back length. Feature dual side zipper seam. Available in 3 colors: Black, Blk/Off-White, Heather Grey (my "Kanye Piece).  Price:  Estimated $150 - $170


Short Sleeve Hooded Sweatshirt : Made from French terry cloth for comfort. Includes ribbed, raglan sleeves that are slightly tapered and satin-lined pockets located at the side seams. Raise seams at back panel shows added design detail and indicates where the pockets are located. Features a gold zipper that pulls from the chest through the entire hood, inspired by Nigo's full zip hoodie for A Bathing Ape. (one of my favorite brands and designers). Available in two colors: Black and Heather Grey. Price: $140-$160


Swatches from sourcing fabric - Baltimore isn't a very big market for sourcing fabric so I either have to visit New York or dig through Google and find some resources in others states, normally in different time zones. I'm a hands on kind of guy so its a little frustrating because I want to be there in person to feel the fabrics and build vibe with the factories. These swatches will do for now. I'm learning a lot.

Long Sleeve Hooded Sweatshirt: Made from French terry cloth for comfort. includes ribbed, raglan sleeves, and satin-lined pockets located at the side seams. Inserted back panel shows added design detail and indicates where the pockets are located. Features a gold zipper that pulls from the chest through the entire hood, inspired by Nigo's full zip hoodie for A Bathing Ape. (one of my favorite brands and designers) Available in two colors: Black and Heather Grey.  Price: $160-$180

Sweatpant: Sweatsuits have been a style staple in my city since Russel and Champion in the late 80's early 90's so adding this sweatpant bottom felt natural after reviewing what I've designed so far. Made from French terry cloth. Includes drawstring at waist band, non-functional fly, and raised seams surrounding the knee. The ribbed ankle cuff is slightly raised on the outseam for a sleek assymetric design. Features gold zippers at the side seam pockets and a single right back pocket. Available in 2 colors: Black, Heather Grey. Price: $160-$180


Satin Snapback Cap: Lightweight, black satin fabric. 6-panel cap crafted in in a mid-raise profile. Includes breathable mesh paneling inside. Sporty addition to the collection with a luxury, glossy sheen that separates this item from all other snapbacks. Features embroidered logo on back panel for minimal yet strong branding. Only available in Black Satin. Price: $60

Satin Backpack: Full satin body, pockets, lining and shoulder straps. Canvas bottom for durability. Double zipper for main compartment. Main compartment opens half way. Back pouch with zipper. Left and Right side pouches for easy entry. Internal tablet/laptop sleeve/pocket that keeps device flat at all times. Tonal embroidered wordmark on shoulder straps. Price: Estimate $135-$150

Hangtags: Hangtags reinforce brand name, logo, wordmark and website. Extra thick card stock used follows theme of using materials that feel good to the touch and helps create a unique brand experience from retailer to the customers closet. 


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