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Quintel Harcum

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Quell Collections - Good for Goodness sake

Quell Collections is my clothing brand. Last year was my first year designing and selling a few pieces of apparel. I'm using the project to help me separate my brand from a lot of other in my community online and in the real world. I want to find more of the niche that relates to my worldview on fashion, connect with them and stay connected with them. Below I'll post the exercises I've completed from this Skillshare and update them as I learn more about my brand, my story and my customer. 




Your Business or Brand:


Quell Collections - Fashion/Lifestyle brand.

Motto – Good for Goodness sake

Who is it for? – Individuals that LOVE and ASPIRES for the elevated urban lifestyle experience. Men and women that move through life with a relaxed, quiet confidence. They aspire for the best, love city life, participate in an elevated urban lifestyle, and of course they make a fashion statement from time to time without even trying. 


What the QC Customer wants from product and brand - The QC customer who wants to look and feel cool and smart. The want products that subtlly show their smart personalities. They want to impress themselves with new things/ideas before the want to impress anyone else. They don’t want cheap but the don't highest on the market. They want the absolute best they can afford. They want new, exclusive, and love to be up on the latest. 


11 Questions:


1.) What is Marketing for? What does this department/function/budget exist to do?


Marketing is for informing folks who care about what I care about that my brand is available to set them apart and represent for what we care about. This department exist to build awareness and share our point of view on lifestyle & aesthetic.


2.) What are we allowed to touch?


We’re allowed to touch everything from the design, to the website, to the customer, to the collaborations, to the direct emails.


3.) What can we as marketers measure?


We can measure direct feedback and responses, social networking likes, sales, attendance at events.


4.) What can we change?


Internal Change – Change/start building a team to assist and execute on building the brand. Change content to share to connect with the tribe. Change how often I share the content. Change how much to design and how much to produce. Change where I produce it.


External Change (in the customer/tribe) – Change the perception of a “local brand” or a brand from Baltimore. Change people’s belief in how stylish simple, smart design can be. Change people’s belief in doing the job (getting dressed) halfway.


5.) What promise are you going to make?


Promise sharp, smart design. Promise authenticity. Promise good customer service.


6.) What’s the hard part?


The hard part is finding more people that belief in what I believe in and finding the right way to get my product in front of them. Maintaining authenticity and distinction in a crowded market of “fashion brands”


7.) Should your organization be making trends or following trends?


QC will follow the trend of creating a quality INDEPENDENT fashion/lifestyle brand in an age of access where a brand doesn’t need to be developed through a major corporation. QC will set trends for those that participate in the elevated urban lifestyle.


8.) Where is the risk?


For customer – I invested in a brand that flopped or delivered cheap pieces that look like everything else. I wasted money on an item that didn’t make me “feel” how I wanted to feel.


For Brand – Risk loosing value & exclusivity by marketing to a customer that isn’t a part of my tribe. Risk loosing authenticity by becoming trendy. Risk loosing place in the market by not putting out enough quality product consistently.


9.) Who is in charge?


I’m in charge of creating everything for QC right now. The customer/tribe is responsible for spreading the word.


10.) Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?


I’m spending money on creating content and experiences. The content and experiences are to express the QC p.o.v of an elevated urban lifestyle.


11.) How should you be spending your time?


I should be spending my time creating designs, concepts and messages for my tribe.




The P Words


Choose three or four P’s you will prioritize to be the backbone of your marketing plan:


Positioning – finding my niche


Pricing – pay is based on worth. worth comes from my story


Placebo – what the tribe believes it does


Persistence – frequency and consistency. SHOWING UP!


Place – real estate that creates value. Where I am in these streets/web? How I look in that place?


People Like Us – P.L.U do this, we don’t do that” (what the tribe does and does not do) Can’t ever show up in/with something that EVERYONE else already knows about. We’ve got to be ahead of & different from the rest of our circle w/ fashion



An Action Theory of Marketing


Of the 50+ concepts covered in the lessons, what are the top concepts you'll use to generate Emotion, cause Change, earn the privilege to Alert and encourage people to Share?


Emotion – Story, Brand, Experience, Worldview: I like “Fashion labels” but I don’t need them. I like quality, exclusivity and a subtle statements, Customer Service, Design, Quality, Fear, Scarcity, Long tail


Change – Awareness, Authority, Free, a Movement, Trust


Alert – Email marketing, Direct response, My schedule


Share – Hive: fashion magazine/blog reader looking for the latest & the coolest, Vector, Persistence, Word of Mouth, Sneezers: Dino, Marcus




Marketing Point of View


What do you stand for and what are you trying to accomplish? Include what you don’t and won’t do, what you believe in and what works for you and for your customers.


QC stands for doing the best one can because that’s the best thing to do.


I’m trying to accomplish the goal of making people look and feel good without them having to yell or be overly flashy.


We do subtle/simple yet noticeable. We won’t do gaudy and flashy.


We do limited quantities. We won’t try to sell to as many people as possible.


I believe in buying, using the best of what I can afford and so do my customers. I believe in sacrificing now for later so I’ll wait a bit to get the BEST item that I’m interested in.


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