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Diana Corredin

Brooklyn based Graphic Designer




I've decided to monogram the work Queen from the phrase "Yas Queen"

Initial Sketches:


I played around with the letters both keeping in mind I wanted to use a serif or script. I also wanted to play around and experiment with minuscules. I added check marks to the ones I thought were my strongest, most symmetrical and balanced sketches.

Stylizing and Tweaking




In this phase, I attempted to stylize both script and serif monograms.  I then created options on a separate sheet of tracing paper in gouache and in pencil. Next up, vectorizing and testing! :) 

Back to Square One

After vectorizing the sketch, I realized I wasn't too happy with the decision I had made and instead further explored other type style options. The current sketch was too blocky and it wasn't a good representation of the word. Here is what the initial sketch looks like vectorized: 


I decided on using a more decorative approach.

Here is the final sketch:


I'm very happy with this decision. Now it's time to vectorize!


Below is the first phase of the vector monogram. 


I then tweaked some letters and strokes. I found the variety of thickness of strokes was a bit too distracting so I tweaked it so that they all were uniform for a more balanced composition. Below is the final comp. 


Color and Style

I want to stick to using traditional royal colors, like gold. 


I added a little bit of dimensionality to the monogram to help it pop. Below are examples of some flourishes I painted to lay on the design.



After playing around with the flourishes, I decided the second option was the best one to use. I then duplicated and flipped the flourish and masked some parts out to show more of the monogram. After finalizing on the color choices, I then added a texture of a wrinkled paper and added that on top.


(Drum roll please....)


TA-DA! :) 

I am very happy with the results! It was definitely a challenge to combine both mediums. It was a good exercise to bring in some organic feels to the piece. Thanks so much! Will be doing this more often!!!!


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