Quarantine Leisure

Quarantine Leisure - student project

My first submission ever on Skillshare, thanks so much for the class. 

You’ve been an inspiring teacher since your very first class about story-boarding, and I’ve been admiring your work since even before I knew about your SOM course.

Looking forward to learn more stuff from you! Thanks so much for this class, this and everything that you and other artists I know have been making truly help a lot for freelancers with no degree in art or design like me. Here is the warm-up:

Quarantine Leisure - image 1 - student project

The still life:

Quarantine Leisure - image 2 - student project


The sketch:

Quarantine Leisure - image 3 - student project

Variations of color blocking:

Quarantine Leisure - image 4 - student projectQuarantine Leisure - image 5 - student projectQuarantine Leisure - image 6 - student project

A clean version without textures but added a gradient background, you know, experimenting is fun…

Quarantine Leisure - image 7 - student project
That’s all. I’m @dingkwang on Instagram if you guys would like to see me crafting stuff like this, ty!