Quarantine Blues

Quarantine Blues - student project


I stole my palette from this illustration by Patryk Hardziej. I thought it was perfect for a dreamy/gloomy illustration of the view from my balcony (drawing below).

Quarantine Blues - image 1 - student project



This is the outline of the drawing I started with, and the initial colour blocking. I picked a really light pastel palette which I'm not used to working with, so it took me a little while to figure out how to get the contrasts right to make the details stand out. 

Quarantine Blues - image 2 - student project



This is the final artwork, where I really enjoyed experimenting with Victo's colouring process - it was definitely the first time I've approached it so deliberately. I'm still not sure I was entirely successful, and whether the colours work the way they're intended to, but it was something new learnt, so thanks for a great class Victo!

Quarantine Blues - image 3 - student project