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Andrés D.




Quality Costs


I work for a small business. We have had the fortune of staying alive through the recession and having a modest upturn during the recovery, but a big part of our continued survival has really had to do with aggressively keeping costs down. This has included, among many things, the use of a free web developer to maintain the cms of our website. Naturally, you get what you pay for. This developer is under no obligation to answer or assist us in a timely manner and he really doesn’t have to when you get down to it.

This is a pattern at my work, from payroll to advertising to sponsoring, etc. Though I understand the financial limitations of the small business, I can’t help but feel that part of our struggle to be relevant and respected is perpetuated by our knee-jerk reaction to address costs by pro-bono, trade or lo-fi. It’s become a crutch. Hence why this saying has become a bit of a mantra for me, in both my professional and personal life.

Within reason, you should pay more for certain things. Quality costs. I am sure the craftsmen in this course may be inclined to sympathize. I say this at the risk of being brutally critiqued, considering I have no experience in the craft of lettering and ironically, the phrase I have chosen to letter probably doesn’t look like something someone would pay a lot of money for. >_<

So feel free with your observations as I am excited to begin learning this new skill.


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