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Quality Assurance for Data Tables (June Teacher Challenge 2016 - Diana L.'s class in progress)

Draft Class Title: Quality Assurance for Data Tables

Draft Class Description: 

Social Science Quantoid Diana L. will help you think through and develop a Quality Assurance Checklist for your next data project in this fun 45(?) minute class.

Learn how to catch errors in your data tables early on. Two principles that will be covered are "parts to whole" and "out of range" but there are many other tips and tricks that Diana uses in her Quality Assurance (QA) Checklist processes that she will share with you. Diana mostly uses these QA Checklists for producing data tables, but this concept can be used for anything you produce or update on a regular basis: reports, graphs, maps, etc. QA Checklists are not limited to tables only! 

Draft Class Project: 

Create a QA Checklist for a table/report/graph/map that you frequently produce or update. Brownie points if you use the "parts to whole" or "out of range" principles!

Please provide 2-3 sentences about the nature of the data you're working with, 2-3 sentences about the "output" product you are trying to produce (the table/report/graph/map), and then show us your draft QA Checklist and get feedback! Also, learn by reviewing fellow students' checklists and providing feedback for others.

Class Outline Here 

Intro video:

Feedback is most welcome!  Thanks in advance.

My class is now live!



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