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Qcadas: Colorful handmade jewelry and accesories

I opened my Etsy shop Qcadas two years ago. So far I sold about 17 items and this is the reason why I decided to enroll this class which I found really interesting.

I have changed several things. To start with, the banner:

The first one included 4 of my paintings. But my shop was essentially selling felt brooches and necklaces. The banner and the products were not related at all.

I have changed the typography, too. Now I am using the one used at my blog:

Former banner

New one

I have also added new items in order to achieve the minimum quantity of goods suggested by Heather which was 20. 

Now the shop, looks full of stock and it is more visually appealing.

A picture of the packaging has been included, too.

I wrote a quite exhaustive list of keywords and I've tried to use them as much as possible in the meta description, title, description and tags of each item sold.


I've filled the About Section which has been empty for a long time.

I am quite happy with the final result, but I know there are many things to be improved, too.

I will review them all, but meanwhile I would really appreciate your comments.

Thanks a lot for sharing your skills

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