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Qaum-E-Lahoriyaan (The Lahorians) Family Crest Logo

I never thought this class would go that far.

It was like yet another course I was taking online. But what made it unique and exciting was the fact it focused on something close to the heart - our families.

We weren't talking about some arbitrary brands or companies, we were talking about real people, their real tangible things, their real history.

The most exceptional part of this project was that it made me learn about the history of my family that wasn't quite known to me. That's what kept me going. In fact, I'm still pretty excited to take things to the next level.

Let me just quickly describe my classmates here how it all went.

As soon as I finished the first couple of lessons, ideas popped into my head. I then talked to my brother, father, uncle, and cousins. And honestly, I learned a heck a lot of interesting stuff.

I settled for the following things to symbolize in our logo:


Discussion with my father and uncle revealed that our ancestors migrated from Arabia to India for trade purposes. We are Siddiqui Sheikhs, the descendants of first Caliph of Islam - Hazrat Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (R.A.). We lived in Dehli until 1947, we then Migrated to different areas of Pakistan, primarily to Karachi.

That's where the text on the banner comes from, which means "From Arabia to Pakistan and India."
And the text on the top reads "Qaum-E-Lahoriyaan" in Urdu script.


The idea of a crest logo is an amazing one - a few shapes, fonts, and colors combined to tell a whole story.

And the best thing is that you can apply this concept to almost any kind of project, not just for family.

Thank you Aaron. Thank you all classmates here for inspiring with your beautiful designs.

And yes, I'd love to see you guys critic this design so that I can improve it.

Thanks again,
Sheikh Ovais


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