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Qantas Pacific Islands Vintage Print

I worked with Illustrator prior to the class, but the fact that I didn’t even know that the pen tool existed should prove my incompetency. If I wasn’t drawing a star or smiley face, I was completely out of luck. On that note, I selected the Qantas Airlines vintage print ad because it looked impossible and also had a lovely touch of imperfection about it.

Form building was a blast despite being time consuming. I really experimented with the various methods taught - building with shapes, subtracting, shape builder tool, blob brush, etc. - picked out the ones that worked efficiently for each portion of the design and went with it. Honestly, though, the pen tool created the whole thing because it’s magic. I’d detail the process but think the pictures speak for themselves. 

The wood lines and ropes got me. They were the final touches, and I really wished I had a graphics tablet after the first line. I got a bit sloppy. They got a bit sloppy. The font was a bit tricky as well. I couldn't figure out the exact type so I settled for Futura medium condensed. I used the shear tool. It worked. I played around the weird tracking/kerning on the last line. It kind of worked.

And, finally, the texture. The original lacked texture save the almost grain-like overlay. It could also just be the age of the print. but a grain effect is exactly what I used. I wasn't too happy with the result. It messed with the details of the image (something to do with rasterizing? maybe?). If I work on the project further I'll attempt my own bitmap textures. 

There you have it! Brad, a very sincere thanks for a great class.

Thanks to everyone else for sharing their projects. It was really inspirational to see all the progress. Also, any feedback, hints and whatnot are always appreciated!


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