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Qantas Koalas: Tribute to Harry Rogers

Harry Rogers' original colour process lithograph, 99.3 x 74.4cm.

When I first started looking for poster and ad images for Brad's class I came across a series of Qantas animal travel posters by artist Harry Rogers.  The Koalas poster struck me as a perfect fit for my first outing with Illustrator.  It's colorfull, playful, and Rogers made use of some great shapes to build his fun ad.

I'm happy to say that thanks to Brad's first few lessons, I am finally over my fear of the Pen Tool.  I've done lots of image manipulation with Photoshop and plenty of page layouts with InDesign but Illustrator had always remained an enigma.  For me, using the pen tool without instruction was like the first time I attempted to add two plus two with my HP48GX Reverse Polish Notation just didn't make any sense.

Although I wanted to push myself initially with something a bit more complex like a Cassandre with his beautiful shadings and quirkiness, I feel the Qantas poster is better suited for my skill level (alsmost nil) and the breadth of Brad's lessons.

Update #1: After several hours, I decided to come up for air and post my first iteration:

The original lithograph is nearly a meter long and I have kept the same 4:3 aspect ratio for my artboard (18"x24").  I became familiar with the Pen Tool with the jet before moving on to the Koalas.  There is another version of the Koalas out there that has a great lettering for "AUSTRALIA" as well as a drawing of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

  I may use a couple of my artistic license credits and add those elements in.

Update #2: Slow going...not much free time:

Update #3: Picking up speed and figuring out how to link anchor points of the various intersecting shapes.  Almost done now.  Moving on to type and textures.

Hmmm... I was trying to find out what the text is in the bottom corners and came across a very cool description of the poster.  Luckily the text (Posters Pty Ltd. Litho. in Australia.) was included as well so I now have everything I need for the type.  I went with a 28pt Helvetica Neue in Bold for the "AUSTRALIA'S OVERSEAS AIRLINE" Etc and set the tracking as needed.  As they say here in Hawai'i, Almost Pau.


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