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Myrna Brady

Make Fitness A Part Of Your Life!



Qamilyan Fitness & Lifestyle Consulting (pronounced Kah-Me-Li-yan) - Wants To Make Fitness A Part of Your Life On The Inside & Out!


About Me

My name is Myrna Brady I am the CEO of Qamilyan Fitness & Lifestyle Consulting (pronounced Kah-Me-Li-yan) (QFLC). I have more than 20 years of combined Music, Business and Fitness experience. I have a very eclectic and diversified background and have worked in management and or executive positions in each of the following areas, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources Management and Retail Marketing. I have worked for fortune 500 companies like Nabisco & Nike as well as start up internet ventures.

I have earned a Bachelors of Science degree from Hofstra University and currently pursuing a M.A in Sports & Exercise Psychology from Argosy University. 

Last year I launched a new and ground breaking program called Love The Body You’re In at the Academy of Dance Arts in Westchester. This is a complete mind and body fitness program that teaches you how to love the body you’re in, on the inside and out.

About QFLC

I founded QFLC with the goal of building a team of professionals that are passionate about taking a proactive approach to healthcare and inspiring others to integrate healthier habits into their lifestyles.

Not only do we work with fitness companies and professionals to create successful fitness brands, we also help our clients to create a unique experience for the individuals that seek out their services to lead a healthier lifestyle. We strive to achieve this through a seamless integration of our health and fitness business solutions, seminars, classes, events and programs.

Company Mission

To make fitness a part of your life on the inside and out!


If my company did not exist, why would the world not be as good a place? 

In today's world obesity has become an epidemic. We are inundated with quick fix workouts, pills, surgical interventions and so much more as answers to this problem. When we combine the intellectual capital at our firm, we have over 30 plus years of experince in our field. I personally have worked with and for many of today's fitness celebrities and global fitness health clubs. I am known to de-bunk the quick fit workout plan because improving ones body is hard work and a life-long commitment. 

Our company's goal is to make fitness a part of your life on the inside and out. We plan on doing this via our educational workshops, social media communication, apps, books and more. If our company does not exist these "quick fixes" will continue to permeate and mislead society. The science is on our side, we now need the platform to communicate our message to the world. I once had an attendee in one of my workshops say to me "You take this so seriously, it's not like your curing cancer" I said " That's where your are wrong, that is our goal!"

"Therefore, what?" 

Why I started the company

In September 2000 I lost my first child. I was told the probability of having another child was slim to none. I remember hearing the words the doctor was saying but refused to emotionally connect to them. The whole ordeal threw me into a deep depression. It caused me to disconnect from everything but my job. By December 2000 I blew up to over 220 pounds and that is actually the point i decided to stop weighing myself, so I might have been bigger. In January 2001, I decided to start a workout program. I took every quick fix pill, and participated in extreme exercise. By the 3rd week in January, I fainted and eneded up in the ER. My family was called in because my heart stopped for 3 seconds and all of my organs and bodily functions started to shut down. Now here I was 29 years old, newly married, making six figures, living on Long Island and near death. I made the decision that if I made it through this whole ordeal, I would commit to be fit for life. 

I worked on wall street during that time as a VP of Human Resources for a tech firm. After I got out of the hospital I decided to go back to school to learn how to become a personal trainer. At the time I had no desire to work in the field, I simply wanted to learn the proper way to exercise and be healthy. I fell in love with the science behind the exercise. By June 2001, I was down to 168 pounds and fully immersed in my program. On September 11, 200, 1I stayed home because I was ill.  Call it divine intervention because I worked down the block form the World Trade Center. That was my turning point and on October 1st, 2001 I started a new job at a corporate health club making $8.00 an hour as a personal trainer. 

In January 2003, I found out I was pregnant. Till this day I attribute it to the fact I made fitness a part of my life. I was healthy and fit on the inside and out. However, I noticed there was so much information and education about why pregnant women should NOT work out. I said to myself, I am pregnant NOT handicapped. This is how Qameliyan Fitness & LifeStyle Consulting came into being. I became keenly aware that the fitness industry was still in its infancy phase of development.  It was clear that simple, educational science based and peer reviewed information was needed.

Over the years we have come up with health and fitness solutions that seamlessly integrate into our clients lives and businesses. We have created corporate educational programs, workshop and seminars. We present across the country and we are now developing our online platforms and educational tools.


Innovative * Intelligent * Inspiring * Fitness

We dont believe in the 90 day quick fix. We dont believe in surgical interventions unless medically necessary.  We don't believe in the new "GO HARD OR GO HOME" approach to exercise. We believe that there are a 168 hours in a week and we are going to help you create a road map to maximize each and every one of them. We will create one of a kind approaches and utilize sound evidence based health and science principles to devlop programs that will support our clients needs. You only have one life to live in the body you were given. Our goal is to make fitness a part of your life so you can live life at its best!

Myrna Brady


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