My odyssey began in August of 2011, was feel downright terrible. I never wanting to see a doctor but   decided to make an appointment. I had retired from the plumbing trade a year and a half earlier and did not do much except eat and became a couch potato. I knew I had gained a lot of weight but I was still shocked when the weight in at the doctors show me at 272 pounds. Very obese for some one 5 foot 6 inches tall. Doctor found me with high blood pressure, high cholesterol ,and then a month later told me I also had a throid problem. She suggested I follow a diet of lower (2000/day) calories to cut the weigh and put me on some pills. I started the pills and sort of watch what I eat but not to careful.. Then in Oct. 2011, after another visit to the doc and little improvement, I saw the light. I started on the diet, buying all kinds of stuff, and started to count the calories. What an eye opener. I bought a scale, to weigh everything I eat and also started a notebook so I could write down everything I eat and figured out the calories on everything.Then after a month getting use to the lower calories and call to the doc I cut my diet to 1500 calories a day and decided to start walking for exercise. 

The above picture is of me in March of 2012, when I had drop to about 221 pounds. I had join a walking group and had got my daily walk up to an hour a day with my eye on improving a lot more. Since that time I have really dropped my weight and improved my distance and time for my walking. I am now including some jogging and hope to add some body-weight  work to shape this old body up an lose that last 25 pounds I had set for my goal so many months ago. The quest will be continued ........☺☺☺

1/24/2013 Up Date:

been seeing the following  machines at the sports park where I do a lot of my walking; now all I need is to use them ☺

1/31/2013 Up Date: Here is the second called a butterfly machine great for the upper chest muscles and arms, really feel it after doing 4x20 reps for about two minutes. Only thing it does not indicate how mouch weight is involve as a indoor machine cal vari weights; I would like any body with info as to weight involved on this machine to advise. As a person move levers together  the seat rises a couple of inches does this mean you are lifting your bodyweight or a % of it ??

1/26/2013 Up Date: OK, here I go for the first machine , really like this Air Walker for warming up : 



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