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What is a QPrint Smart Tag?

So much security in one simple tag. It's peace of mind, it's knowledge, it's the smallest, most powerful GPS tracking device in the world, powered by groundbreaking technology and packaged in an intuitive, feature-rich tag.

QPrint SmartTags provide high precision GPS trackability to anything in a small, discreet, durable tag that uses the most advanced, most compact, most reliable technology ever created to deliver security and protection to what matters to you most, in a brand new way with countless applications.

The first of its kind - most GPS devices on the market only function outdoors with an open view of the sky. We are ready to revolutionize the way you keep track of everything important to you from your luggage to your children with a personal GPS tracking device that offers true indoor tracking with continuous position updates.

"...When your child doesn't come home from school on time, seconds matter. You cannot put a price on having the ability to see where they are." 

Track Anything. Anywhere. Indoors or Out!

The QPrint Smart Tags have endless applications. Anything that you can tag, you can track anywhere in the world. They can be attached to anything you want to keep an eye on such as a laptop, briefcase, external hard drive, passport, vehicle, pet, child's backpack and almost anything else. 

You have full tracking access on your Windows, Android, or iOS devices along with many cool features such as GeoFencing, Motion Detection, and a unique first- QR notifications.


The QR label on the front of the tag can be read by anyone with a smart phone who might find your lost object, and would be taken to a web page with your customized contact information to reach you. This eliminates having to display your pertinents out in the open, and to keep you on the front lines of recovery, you will also receive a notification anytime your QPSmartTag is scanned.

Track your luggage, locate it where ever it lands!

Stick one of these babies on each suitcase and track it anywhere in the world! We have also partnered with major airport authorities all over the world to identify QPrint SmartTags on lost luggage and notify us, and you, of lost bags. 

When Seconds Matter...

Even better, we are partnering with Law Enforcement agencies all over the world to assist them in understanding and recognizing QPrint SmartTags and their applications in solving crime. 

So how exactly does it work? The Tech Stuff...

How does a QPrint SmartTag work?

  • The QPrint SmartTag utilizes next the generation SiRFusion™ location platform based on the SiRFstarV™ architecture for optimum indoor and outdoor performance. 

  • Our devices are capable of tracking GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Compass, SBAS, and future GNSS signals. Our unique platform integrates positioning from GNSS, terrestrial radio solutions such as Wi-Fi and cellular, and special sensors including accelerometers, gyroscopes, and compasses to extrapolate movement data when GPS in unavailalbe.

  • SiRFusion™ can then combine this real-time information with cellular base station and Wi-Fi access point location data, ephemeris data and other cloud-based aiding information to generate accurate and reliable position updates.

  • The result is high availability and accuracy for positioning and navigation outdoors, in urban canyons, in parking garages, and indoors in shopping centers, airports, convention centers, and other pedestrian areas previously unreadable by GPS.

  • QPrint Smart Tags have an incredibly powerful chip called a Timing and Inertial Measurement Unit (TIMU). The smallest ever designed, it contains three gyroscopes, three accelerometers, a compass, a barometer, and in internal clock. When GPS is unavailable, such as inside a large building, the TIMU will extrapolate data from the last GPS fix and simply use its sensors to determine how far it has moved and in what direction. The TIMU is meant to work with the GPS, so when those satellites fail to deliver, the TIMU can use the last GPS position as a starting point to accurately determine its position.
  • This ingenious design also makes the SmartTag incredibly power efficient - the tag only has to check in with the GPS when the TIMU recalibrates the position. 

How is true indoor navigation possible?

  • Many animals utilize local variations in the Earth's magnetic field to find their way around. These magnetic variations commonly exist inside buildings as well. Many sources can contribute to these variations including Earth's magnetic field, and the structures of the building. Our device uses brand new technology that can sense and record these magnetic variations to map indoor locations. The QPrint Smart Tag is the world’s first GPS device to offer this exciting new technology.  

  • You will have the ability to not only track your QPrint Smart Tag around the world, but to also go indoors for centimeter-level tracking accuracy on beautiful, smart 3D maps. Your QPrint Smart Tag will access the world's most powerful indoor navigation engine for smart indoor maps. Facilities all around the world such as shopping malls, parking garages, stadiums, hospitals, office complexes, schools, universities, airports and more will begin to integrate beacons that will communicate with your device to deliver this experience, much of which is currently available through existing Wi-fi access points, but it's important to note that it's going to take some time to map our indoor world. 

  • Fortunately, while we effort to build our crowd-sourced indoor mapping system, you will have the amazing ability to easily create indoor maps of indoor facilities in your area where you might want to track your device through the amazing technology of a special platform years in development. 
  • This technology is a true innovation in indoor navigation that does not come around very often, and we are working very hard to optimize this solution for your Android, Windows, and iOS devices.



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