Q. What does a 'street fair', 'parade', 'garbage truck' and 'bulldozer' have in common?

A.  They all create traffic jams and should be avoided if traveling in a car and heading in their direction.

I read a bunch of other projects touting GPS feedback from smartphones which are enabled by participants.  I like that idea and would contribute myself.  Especially if the App was smart enough to alert me of local traffic patterns.

I have a more primal need which is to know if on my route I will be passing any of the above blockages.   Some should be easy because they are pre-scheduled and others are more time sensitive.   So the idea is if you are stuck in traffic and can't move becuase of a blockage you can post this to the App along with the attribute.  New blockage types could be created by the crowd.  If more than 1 person posts a blockage it would be confirmed.  These types of blockages could have a preset life.  For instance a street fair we know is all day.  A garbage truck might be 15 min.   The good news is if someone is stuck and can't move then opening the app and posting the block attribute is a safe activity.   The question is would helping the community be enough incentice to help others with this type of data entry vs. the other ideas which likely could run in the background based on the speed of your car.


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