Q-U-I-E-T - student project


With Illustrator I can make something pretty but dear lord I stink with a pencil.  Notice how my hand has a complete disregard for space, as it scribbles in to the northernmost point of the paper. Be kind and imagine what a steadier, more graceful hand would have sketched, and please leave me feedback. 


Q-U-I-E-T - image 1 - student project

When sketching out original ideas of what quiet could be I noticed it reached as high as the stars and as low as the grave so I wanted to play with that a bit. Obviously it would be much more effective centered on a page rather than running up against the top, but my pencil has a mind of its own and does not communicate well with my brain. Leonardo DiCaprio was right on in Titanic. Hands are hard to draw. 

I digress.

I drew my cat the way she sleeps- curled up in a little ball with her little sock sticking out. 

Then a hamm-- okay I guess I don't need to explain what's on the page... hopefully I'm enough of a cave painter to get across what I was going for. 

I vow to texturize, pattern and color-fy the shit out of this once I begin working with Illustrator. Within the confines of good taste, of course. 

I'm hoping this concept will inspire those just learning English, very literal people... the kind that enjoy pictorial alphabets. Very Google homepage-y really.

You folks are intimidating. I judge myself.