Q Arts Foundation Press Kit

Q Arts Foundation Press Kit - student project

The press kit I made can be viewed on the Q Arts Foundation's Resources page, or downloaded from my Google Docs. I'd love to hear what people think.  

A little explanation, in case you don't want to dive into to press kit:

My startup is an arts education foundation called the Q Arts Foundation, which I created last year to carry on the legacy of my mother, a high school arts instructor named Leslie Cusick, affectionately called “Q” by her students, who died from brain cancer in October 2011.  

The mission of the Q Arts Foundation is to support teaching and learning in all forms of creativity, to inspire people of all ages to realize their creative potential.

The foundation has done this primarily through two channels so far:

1) WONDERLAB  (wonderlab.q-arts.org)

A free, hands-on arts workshop series for teenagers, exploring a wide variety of creative forms with the help of creative professionals in Sacramento, previously hosted at various creative locations in Sacramento, now permanently housed at the local tech coworking makerspace, Hacker Lab. 

Q Arts Foundation Press Kit - image 1 - student project

2) The Skillshare School of Q Arts Foundation (www.skillshare.com/schools/QArtsFoundation)

Free and low-cost workshops and events open to the general public, taking place in locations around Sacramento, with tickets offered through the Skillshare platform.

Q Arts Foundation Press Kit - image 2 - student project


I know this isn't a logo design class, but the Q Arts logo is based off a Japanese Ensō, a zen calligraphic art form in the shape of a circle ("ensō" means "circle"), which my mother loved. She even made her own, maybe one of the last complete works of art she made:

Q Arts Foundation Press Kit - image 3 - student project

I took an ensō from Kanjuro Shibata XX and modified it–I hope he doesn't mind the intellectual property theft. He's not much of a Buddhist if he does, I think:

Q Arts Foundation Press Kit - image 4 - student project

Using Kanjuro's ensō, and a healthy dose of photoshop, I made this logo: 

Q Arts Foundation Press Kit - image 5 - student project


Mat Cusick

Founder, Director

Q Arts Foundation

Q Arts Foundation Press Kit - image 6 - student project

Mat Cusick
Learning Revolutionary