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Rob Gill

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Put your weight back after use

In the gym there is a sign that reads "If you're strong enough to lift it, you're strong enough to put it away." Although comical, people still don't put their weights away after use. This tends to annoy me on a regular basis, so I choose this and my inspiration for this project.

The Dream


The Reality


My "intention triangle" was as follows:

  • Action - get people to put their weights back after use
  • Location - the gym
  • Intention - force people to think about the consequences of their laziness

Inital sketches


I wanted my pictogram to communicated how dangerous it can be to trip whilst carrying weights. Get people to think about how this could be avoided if the weights were back on the rack.

All my first sketches started with a man tripping forwards. However when I started playing on illustrator, I realised it would be much more affective if then man was falling backwards. This hints that he never saw the weight in the first place, rather than him just being clumsy.

Version 1 drafts


I've also observed it's often the larger weights that are left out. So, during the draft stage, I made the dumbbell on the floor larger to indicate this. And also made the dumbbells that have being dropped fall apart. Hinting the equipment could be damaged as well.

Version 1 final


Finally I finalised the Illustrator file by smoothing all the harsh edges and giving my tripping man a more physical physique. Making him look like be actually belongs in the gym.

Version 2 Sketches


I've gone back to the drawing board on the guys posture. He looked too relaxed. Like he's collapsing into a deck-chair. I wan't to empasise the panic. Make it look more frantic.

The negative space wasn't that affective either. Instead, I've highlighted the dumbbell which should have been put away. Difference in colour really makes it stand out now.

Version 2 Final


And we all know what happens next...



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