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Put on a great performance on the Late Show with David Letterman

Although I have many goals that are near and dear to me, to play the David Letterman Show is one that represents a life well-lived. There is much that goes into being a professional musician, singer, songwriter, and band member. These are all quite difficult pursuits even on an individual basis. So, to pull out a great peformance on the Late Show in front of a live audience would be an acknowledgement of the mastery of these skills. It also represents success to me. I have grown up with David Letterman. His show hosts some of my favorite musical guests. To perform beautifully on the Ed Sullivan theater stage and be represented among my musical heroes would be...the best. I also feel quite ready to do this.

4/23/13 update:

I've chatted with someone who emphasized the importance of having a tv audio savvy engineer on hand who is familiar with the band's sound during the taping.

5/21/13 update:

I'm switching tack a little bit as we want to be promoting our new album on the Late Show. The past month has been about wrapping up with music edits and working on the song sequence. We're now starting production on the album art. We also need to commit to an album title.

I'm currently taking another Skillshare course, 'From Scratch to Success: Starting Your Own Creative Business' to help navigate the waters with this goal and a few others.

6/19/13 update:

The song edits are now complete and we're almost done with our mastering too. Yay! Album art is progressing well. We've also had a nice set of promotional photos taken. I spent some time mind mapping all fo the various steps that need to be taken to finish and launch this album properly. In summary: I am happy with the progress. :-)

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