Puss in Boots Poster

Puss in Boots Poster - student project


Hi all,

I'm starting my project but it still in research phase, I have actually no real idea. I just have concept, or word, but nothing clear. So I sketch a little to start and wait for the accident (you know, the moment when you're trying to do something and something totally different happens and charm your eyes).

I decided to work on a band not famous again, but witch grown with certitudes and sound great. It's Puss in Boots, a french Electro-rock band. It's lead by a girl with a very suave voice, and the sonority reminds the 90's.
His visual univers is made of a porn-chic traditionnal rock style, lot of animal, but cat come in first position. It plays with our primal instinct (but with sensuality too).

The last song: There

Another from the last EP : Here

I follow the advices of the DKNG team, and readinterview, search visual that I like and seems to correspond with typographic's style wished, or color's world wanted. I listen music, watching video clip, etc.

This is a first sketch, but I'm not sure to go this way, looks like to comic cover in my taste. But I don't know, maybe I can grab something in this:

Puss in Boots Poster - image 1 - student project

In the same time, I do the sketch you can see in cover of my project. That very few thing. For explanation, I like so much the Comic drawer Chris Ware. And I search something in this style, to draw on ordinary front of the inside house, with on the wall reference of the groupe, or other cat, or both, I don't know yet. And coming from outside, a cat with a rabbit in his mouth. The last song Puss in Boots do talkin' about the mistakes of the past and your look to them after, when all is come back well. So the rabbit represent an offrand of the cat (=the group) for the past (= an house where we grown). But there's not to much to see, ideas are more in my head than on paper ^^"

Puss in Boots Poster - image 2 - student project

That's all for today, I give you more thing to commented tomorrow I hope :)

P.S: Excuse my english, I'm just a french guy...


Typographic research :


Puss in Boots Poster - image 3 - student project

Puss in Boots Poster - image 4 - student project


After a week to thik about your advice, and to search an idea than enjoy me, I finally did it. This band is sexy and rock, but his also reminds us the childhood and the fact we grown up. I want something subtil, and illustrative. I get this in my head :

Puss in Boots Poster - image 5 - student project

(Sketch isn't very clear so : It's a cat leaking milk on the floor, bottle was accidently spill there by couple making love).


There're some influences to visualize :

Work of DKNG (for the milk on the floor)

Puss in Boots Poster - image 6 - student project

The work of McBess (for tatoo on the white cat)

Puss in Boots Poster - image 7 - student project

The work of Chris Ware (for the type of drawing and rendering)

Puss in Boots Poster - image 8 - student project

On the sketch, you can see a pants, or maybe a bra, and two hands, maybe one knee.
On the bottle of milk, there'll be some typography (tour name, date of the tour, city) and logo with a woman wearing a cat mask.

I have some question in my mind.
The name of the group can be integrate on 4 place : 
By using the milf on the floor,
like a fake milk brant,
on the cat, by tatooing the name on it,
or simply just on top or bottom of the poster.

I don't find the most meaning placement, so if you have argument to help me, a great thanks to you.

That's all but I'm happy to finally find something that enjoy me.

Gilles Fonteny

Graphiste Print & Web